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The mission of our Healing Center is to provide consistently high quality holistic and integral therapeutic treatment with a view to establishing a health and well-being through natural products from natural pharmacy, alternative techniques and therapies, courses and workshops for each client and each time his visit. To achieve this goal, we decided to provide to the general public quality and affordable services and products purely natural pharmacy. We constantly educate ourselves in various fields of alternative medicine through professional domestic and international workshops and seminars. We care about your personal and professional growth, self-monitor and self-healing processes we use, where we can verify the effects and results of newly acquired therapeutic techniques.


Danka a Peter ŠTRELINGER


One old wisdom says:
"Always you manage to find excuses for what you have done or poorly done, but you'll never find a justification of what you have never done so, and you could ..."


"Real wealth starts when I will understand that I have everything I need ."

(Kurt Tepperwein)


Peter Štrelinger



Etikoterapeut,Chiropractor, Teacher  »»»

Danka Štrelingerová


Etikoterapeut, Coach, Teacher  »»»